Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Shari

I am thankful for...

Shari Prime

Shari is wonderful! She is sweet, and wise, and fully of integrity and compassion. She is great to talk with and hang out with and just know. I love having tea with her, actually I love any chance we get to sit down and chat. Our lives keep us both going and it seems we only get a moment here or a hug there but I cherish each one. She is one of my girls and I love her. I am truly thankful for Shari! She is wonderful and I hope she knows it!

I'm also very thankful that she and Scott have a vehicle with four wheel drive and were willing to drive me home last night....or I would have had a sleepover at the church. I definitely appreciated the drive (and this is not the first time I needed them to rescue me in snowy weather.) Yay for Scott and Shari!

Things Unrelated to Thankful Thursday (but important to me):
1. Word Count is 30,153/50,000
2. Write All Night is this Friday
3. Chimney Swifts concert is this Friday
4. I want to be in two places at the same time Friday night

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