Friday, December 19, 2014

Eleven Reasons I Love The 11th Doctor

Happy Friday! It's almost Christmas. My family called today to make plans about my holiday time at home. I am super excited to see them.

I love the Eleventh Doctor! I know I say that about all the doctors but it is true for each of them but it is always true.

I love the 9th Doctor.

I love the 10th Doctor.

I love 11th Doctor. I loved him from the start. It goes against cycle of regeneration (which I have felt a bit with the newest doctor). I enjoyed Matt Smith's Doctor so much I found it hard to say goodbye.

The Eleventh Doctor was amazing and here are eleven reasons I love him:

1. Bow ties are cool
There is a great moment in A Christmas Carol when the Doctor is asked what kind of bow tie he was wearing, "The cool kind." Which was followed by "why is it cool?" the answer came later; "Eyes on the tie. I wear it because I don't care and that's why it's cool." I like that.

Fez are also cool I've told. I love the moment on The Big Bang, when he's on the TARDIS checking he has everything. He puts his hands up looking for his hat and mutters "I could get a Fez"

2. Human TARDIS
The Doctor's Wife was a great episode by Neil Gaiman. In which the essences of the TARDIS is captured in a living person. It made for a wonderfully sweet episode.

3. Great Speeches
There are these incredible speeches through out Doctor Who. Quotes that Whovians say over and over. Matt Smith/11 has some of my favourites. For example, The Rings of Akhaten was a mediocre episode but the speech made it special:

4. A Christmas Carol
I love this Christmas special. It might be my favourite. It has the right balance of whimy, impending disaster, humour, sacrifice and bittersweet, It also feels like a good link between series five and six. I can't even think of my favourite moment for the special...but there are fish that swim in the sky!

5. One Thing You Never Put Into A Trap

6. Rory
Rory might be my favourite companion. He's often overlooked or just paired as Amy's sidekick. Even at his wedding he became "Rory Pond" I have always liked him; it has been so much rewatching his episodes this week. I thought he was great from the beginning. In Eleventh Hour; he was the one who noticed things were wrong. He saw the coma patients walking about and got evidence. He was brave, loyal, and faithful. And while others have said "Amy wore the pants" I found the relationship more than that. They worked well together, both saved each other and needed each other.  I would love to have Rory in my life. Amy and Clara were great companions but Rory was amazing.

7. Timey Wimey-ness of the Adventures
Epic season arches make for grand adventures. Matt Smith's Doctor got some fun ones. Series 5 and 6 (especially 6) are all about the order of events, meetings of time travels out order, and the fact that time can be changed. Sometimes the cleverness of Moffet was frustrating or the connects were a leap but I enjoyed the journey and River Song's catch phrase "SPOILERS!"

8. River Song
I love her story and the romance between her and the Doctor. Warning SPOILERS:

9. The Doctor is a Grand Chess Master
You never knew if he had a plan or a thing. Sometimes he just talked till a plan happened but most of the time it seems he was just using words as a distraction from the real details of the plan. This is seen best in the story arch of series 6 but also The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang but it is also there in Flesh and Stone:

10. New TARDIS
It was a good change

11. His Farewell
Regenerations are the saddest things. Saying goodbye is hard. I bawled during Matt Smith's regeneration (there are witnesses). But in that moment of saying goodbye there was this quote that made me love him all the more: “I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when The Doctor was me.” 

There you have it. eleven reasons to love eleven. Do you agree with my list? What would you add? Leave a comment.

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