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Nine Reasons I Love The 9th Doctor

It's day five of the Whovian Christmas Special Countdown. Today is all about the Ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston. Eccleston was the Doctor in the first series/season of Doctor Who that aired back in 2005.

A note for my non-Whovian readers. In the show the main character is "The Doctor" -just The Doctor. It leads people he meets to ask "Doctor Who?" which gives us the show title. Because the Doctor can change by regeneration different actors have played the role. When talking about the show fans will use a number to indicate which actor/regeneration of the Doctor they are talking about or if they are comparing Doctors.

I don't have a favourite Doctor and I wouldn't want to choose. My first Doctor was the 4th (Tom Baker). I have fond childhood memories of watching his adventures but I can't recall many details. I've seen other episodes of the earlier doctors. I blog mostly about the newer Doctors (9-12/13) because those are the clearest in my memory. I think they are all great. I was reminded how great a few weeks ago when I re-watched all 13 episodes of first series. It had been awhile since I had last watched Christopher Eccleston's Doctor.

I had forgotten how much I loved Nine. The best part of the re-watch I discovered that I had missed seeing "Boom Town" it was so exciting to see something "new" of Ecceleston. I had no idea what was going to happen and I loved the surprise of it. I was thought is was fantastic and it lead to this post.

The Ninth Doctor was fantastic and here are nine reasons why I love him:

image title
1. Nine brought Doctor Who back and revived this great Sci-Fi series. Everything that Ten and Eleven got to do was because Nine started the ball rolling again by telling great stories. Closely tied this is how the writer's reintroduced the Doctor in the first episode "Rose." The introduction can be found in the fan made video below.

2. His catch phrase "Fantastic!" I especially enjoyed how it was tied into his last words before regeneration (also in the fan video).

3. All his interactions with Jackie Tyler were beautiful. Jackie and the Doctor always made me giggle.

4. The Doctor's compassion especially for Rose. I'm thinking about his actions in "Father's Day" specifically. The Doctor deduces early in the episode how to right the wrong destroy time and space but knows the deep pain that decision would cause Rose so he tries everything else, even dying, to try and stop things from happening.

5. The Doctor's "date" in "Boom Town." The scene is in the video so I won't try to describe it.

6. The whole story of "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances." Both episodes are fantastic and probably my favourites from Nine's series. What I love best is the whole "Everybody Lives" scene which is also in the fan video below -this seems a fitting time to say something about "great minds..."

7. My other favourite scene from those episodes is the Doctor informing us that bananas are good. And it is also in the video below.

8. The Doctor's interaction with Charles Dickens in "The Unquiet Dead." It is also in the fan video.

9. I love his conversation with the Dale, the fan who created the video also agreed. My favourite line is "and doesn't that just scare you..."

And those are nine of my reasons. Do you agree? Disagree? Did I miss your reason for loving Nine? Leave a comment below. After making my list I found this video and was happy to see how much overlap in reasons we had.
Next Friday I'll be sharing Ten Reasons I Love the 10th Doctor.

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