Thursday, December 18, 2014

Top Ten "People Left Behind" and a Mini Episode

Happy Thursday! We're a week from Christmas! It snowed tonight, I am getting hopeful for an actual white Christmas.

Today's Top Ten is a list of those left behind or those who waited; great supporting characters that never travel with the Doctor (not really traveled, they might have been in the TARDIS but not companions). For me this list is different then supporting characters who should have been companions some could go on either list.

I was inspired after re-watching Love & Monsters two weeks ago by Jackie's speech. "Let me tell you something about those that get left behind because it is hard. And that's what you become hard. But if there's one thing I've learned I will never let her down. And I'll protect them both until the end of my life." So this list is for them, those left behind:

10. Craig
Episode: The Lodger (season 5) and Closing Time (season 6)
I watched Craig's first appearance episode tonight. He makes the list because not just because he was the Doctor's "normal" flatmate but that after the adventure he gives the Doctor a key.

9. Canton Delaware
Episode: The Impossible Astronaut and the Day of the Moon (season 6)
It is seeing him as an old man that causes Canton to be added to the list.

8. Osgood
Episode: Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary) and Death in Heaven (season 8)
I like Osgood, she's like the perfect fangirl who waits for the Doctor and always ready to run.

7. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart
Episode: The Power of Three (season 7), Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary) and Death in Heaven (season 8)

6. Brain Williams
Episode: The Power of Three (season 7) and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (season 8)
He gives his son, Rory and Amy permission to go with the Doctor and even with his adventure with dinosaurs and the spaceship he is still one of those that stayed behind. Also did you see PS ?

5. Wilfred Mott
Episodes: The End of Time and through out season four
Wilfred had an adventure with the Doctor in The End of Time. He was the companion of sorts in that two part special. But he makes the list because he waited for his granddaughter, Donna. He kept looking at the stars looking for a blue box. And the biggest reason; when Donna forgot he remembered.

4. Danny Pink
Episodes: through out season 8
He was always left, till he made the ultimate sacrifice. I read a neat thought about how Clara has become "the Doctor" in the way this season she lost her "companion" like the Doctor always sacrifices and loses his.

3. Reinstate
Episode: The Girl in the Fireplace (season 2)
She always had to take the long path while the Doctor took the shorter one and never got to see the stars.

2. Micky Smith
Episodes: Through out seasons 1 and 2 and The Journeys End
Mickey is not the Tin Dog! After turning down the 9th Doctor's invitation, he changed his mind and asked 10 if he could go. Those episodes would seem to exclude him from the list. I've put him on the list because when in the other world he knew the Doctor would never follow him -it would never be about him. He was left behind.

1. Jackie Tyler
Episodes: Through out seasons 1 and 2 and The Journeys End
She was always the one left to worry. She has first place because of her quote that inspired this list.

Mini Episodes:
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