Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family Review of Last Christmas

After weeks of counting down to family visits, Christmas, and the Doctor Who special it is hard to 
believe they have all happened. I am enjoying being home so much. This morning we woke up and did all our Christmas traditions as if it were December 25th and not Boxing Day. After gifts were opened and breakfast was cleaned up we watched Last Christmas together.

I am not going to recap what happened in Last Christmas. However, through out the day I have asked my family their thoughts on the Christmas Special and 12th Doctor. The following is a combination of those conversations. WARNING: there are spoilers ahead.

Good Stuff:
Dad -They raised interesting ideas, is the Doctor real or is Santa. Are you sure? The actors did well in their roles and the girl who played Clara is pretty.
Mom -Nick Frost made for a good Santa and there were a lot of funny lines. The elves got to deliver a lot of great one liners. And that speech about "every Christmas being the last Christmas" was good. It reminded me of our last Christmas with my Mom.
Sister -It was pretty cool to include Santa. How the elves acted was also cool. And the girls dance, "I would dance like that!"
Me -I liked the storyline. I thought the closure with Danny Pink was prefect especially how Dream Danny interacted with the Doctor. I also liked the dealing (opposed to ignoring) the lies Clara and the Doctor told each other.The Sleepers were great and properly creepy. I thought the Dream Crabs were a great new monster/alien.I loved the dancing girl character, the elves, and Santa.  I like how that tied in to the last scene at the end of Death in Heaven. I thought the close up on the tangerine at the end was prefect and allows for Santa not to be make-believe after all. Also, love the flying sleigh and the Doctor's glee at getting do drive it. Overall I would say this is in my top three favourite Christmas specials and it really set me up to be excited for the next season. I am more optimistic about the Doctor and Clara's upcoming adventures and story arch.
Less Than Good Stuff:
Dad -The Doctor was an idiot for not picking up "it's a long story" sooner; Santa should have been given more credit, there were only three reindeer, and I do like the tangerines.
Mom -Those crab-things are too much like spiders (which is actually the design team and writers doing a good job). Also you never knew when they were done. (It is true on one of the commercial breaks she went upstairs to do the next thing because she thought the show was over and everything was wrapped up). And it wasn't as good as A Christmas Carol (the only other Christmas Special she's watched)
Sister -The guy scientist was dumb for not listening to the Doctor; you shouldn't walk towards something that can kill you. Also the dream inside a dream thing got long and boring.
Me -Sister's assessment has its merits; I did find there was a few spots that dragged a bit. I also find this Doctor unnecessarily rude at times. That might just be me. I would like to rewatch before I make too many more comments. I fear I might have missed something.
Thoughts On The New Doctor:
This was my family's first look at the new Doctor. This is what they had to say:
Dad -"He's not my favourite; but he's a good Doctor."
Mom -"He's alright. He'll do okay. I like the guy with the bow tie, oh, and that one with the white sweater."
Sister -"He's old. That's rude, he's old-looking. Also he acts too much like Sherlock and I don't think I like that because Doctor Who should be a different thing."

Overall we enjoyed Last Christmas. For the rest of the day we made comments about elves, Santa, our headaches, and if we were actually awake or just dreaming.

Final Rating:
Dad -3 reindeer out of 5
Mom -3.25 tangerines out of 5
Sister -4 scientists and a dream crab out of 5
Me -4.5 Sleepers out of 5 and throw in a tangerine...I do like them.

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