Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family Movie Review of The Hobbit

My whole family saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies last night. The whole drive home, about 45 minutes, we talked about film. After yesterday's Family Review of Last Christmas I thought it would be fun to turn our conversation into another family review.

I am not going to recap the events of the movie, but will be sharing the our thoughts, what we enjoyed, didn't enjoy, and a few other details.  

WARNING: there are spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen the movie and want to keep it a mystery stop reading.

Good Stuff:
Dad -They told a nice little story. The creation of Middle-Earth was excellent.
Mom -There were some great characters. I liked the squence from when Bard's son jumped out of the boat to the dragon falling on the master. I liked Bilbo and Bard; they both had wonderful storylines. I liked the added additions that connect this movie to the Lord of the Rings movies, such as guest appearances of Galadrial and Elron also Thrandril telling Legolas to search for Strider.
Sister -I liked Smug and that he's voice was Benedict Cumberbatch. I thought Alfrid was well played. The actor really made me hate the character. I wanted to see him eaten by a troll. And they showed Thorin's journey into and out of dragonsickness well.
Me -It was bittersweet. I liked having the Hobbit's story wrapped up. I am sad there won't be any more Christmas releases (They would never make The Similarion; it would take 10 movies or more to tell). I liked all the ways they made the world of Middle-Earth come to life. There are so many subtle details that enhance the storytelling. I loved the opening, the same set of scenes as my mom. Bilbo's scenes with Thorin and Thranduil. I like the casting choices, the details pulled in from the Similarion, and some of the artistic interpretations. I like that they remembered that the Bear-Man Beorin fought. And as much as I hated any in the company dying I am glad they didn't change that from the book.

Less Than Good Stuff:
Dad -They had too many "long meaningful stares" that were a waste of time. Orlando Bloom can not act and Martin Freeman is not who I would have chosen for Bilbo. They changed the novel too much and it ways that were unnecessary, distracting, and unfaithful to the original themes. The story seemed to lack true focus. And there was no need for the added romance.
Mom -It was too violent for me. I know that there needed to be battle scenes but they seemed excessive, too long, and pointless time fillers.
Sister -Thorin's gold-dream was boring, too long, and unnecessary. And none of the Company dwarves should have died.
Me -I have not enjoyed the addition of Orcs in any of the movies, or the creation of a Azog. I think the Hobbit could have been told well in two movies. I am unsure how I feel about the scenes of Galadrail using her powers. My first impression was that I did not care for it and I doubt that will change. The pacing was frustrating at times. I did find there were scenes that dragged in the middle, mostly battle scenes but also the Thorin's gold dream.

Favourite Characters:
Dad -Bain (Bard's son)
Mom -Bard
Sister -Bilbo
Me -Thranduil
Final Rating:
Dad -3 dragon scales out of 5
Mom -3 dwarves out of 5
Sister -4.5 pieces of gold out of 5
Me -4 elven warriors out of 5

We saw Into The Woods tonight, I'll have another "Family Movie Review" up tomorrow at some point.

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