Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial: Mini TARDIS Ornaments

The Whovian Countdown continues, today I am combining it with "Tuesday Tutorials" which you've already figured out from the title. I have a simple idea for adding a Doctor Who twist to your festive decorating. I'm planning on adding my mini TARDIS ornaments to my small table Christmas tree.

Supplies: Shrinky Dinks for Inkjet Printers (I found them at Michael's), perminant markers or pencil crayons, toaster over, hole punch, and ribbon.

Step 1: Print Art Work
Find a picture you want to use. I wanted to add to the home made feel so I picked an image of the TARDIS I could colour in. Use the instructions that come with the Shrinky Dinks for printing.

Step 2: Prepare the Image
Colour and cut out the TARDIS image. Make sure you add the hole with your hole punch before you put the Shrinky Dinks in an oven. I do not have a TARDIS blue marker so I tried all the blues I have. Which do you think looks the best?

Step 3: Shrink Art
The follow the instructions that come with your Shrinky Dinks. I love this part the most.

Step 4: Add Ribbon
Once the mini TARDISes (what is the plural on TARDIS?) have cooled add ribbon to hang.

Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 23 sleeps
Countdown Till Sister Hugs and Family Visit: 23 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian sees the Christmas Special: 24 sleeps
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