Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial: Doctor Who Marble Magnets

It's the Eve of Christmas Eve! My anticipation for Christmas is growing. With only two sleeps till I fly there still much to do. So, I'm making my to-do lists and checking them twice.

If you are in a rush and remember you need a last minute stocking stuffer, today's Tuesday Tutorial can help -Doctor Who Marble Magnets.

Supplies: flat clear marbles (size is your preference), mod-podge, paint brush or Popsicle stick, magnets, scissors, and images or special paper.

Step 1: Select Images
I used Doctor Who images but you can do anything you want. Photos, magazine pages, pattern scrapbook paper, wall paper sample, wrapping paper, or try scanning artwork by your kids.

 I did this craft with our Backyard Club (VBS) kids this past summer and we used the images of the "buddies."
This might be obvious, but in case it is not, you will need a physical-printed copy of the images to glue the marbles to. If you are printing from a computer, resize the images before you print. I used Microsoft Publisher (because that's what's on my computer) and made the images fit the diameter of the flat marbles i was using.

You can cut out the images, glue the paper and stick them on the flat marble. That was the method we used with the kids but I found when making more than a few magnets at a time it was quicker and less messy:

Step 2: Add Glue to Flat Marble
Use a paint brush or other method to cover the flat "bottom" of the magnet with glue. You can also dip the marble into a pool of mod-podge but it applies the glue thicker so it takes longer to dry and you are more likely to get your fingers sticky and have residue on the top of the marble.

Step 3: Place Marble on Image
Once the flat marble is covered in a thin layer of glue, lay it on the image. Mod-podge is white but will dry clear. The wet glue will allow you to preposition the marble to get the best view of your image but it almost means it will slide if you move the paper. Be careful. I made a set of Peter Pan magnets for my sister, only I moved the sheet too early and a few marble slid so that they cut off half of characters faces...not what I was going for.

Step 4: Let the Magnets Dry
To avoid my mistakes, allow your magnets to fully dry. I think weather and climate has an effect on the drying period but over night should be a good rule of thumb. Also if you can still see white it is not yet dry.

Step 5: Cut Around Marble
Once the image is dry cut around the magnet and you are ready for the last step:

Step 6: Add Magnets
We used a hot glue gun but any strong adhesive should work and you are done.

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