Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial: The Fourth Doctor's Scarf Christmas Garland

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to the Whovian Countdown and the third Doctor Who Tutorial. You can find the earlier tutorials here:

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This week's activity is decorative garland for any Whovian's Christmas tree, knit in the pattern of the Fourth Doctor's scarf.


The Doctor Who scarf pattern; I printed mine from the Doctor Who Scarf website -see Step 1. Time. Knitting needles, I used tiny double points I use for socks not sure the size about 3mm. Seven balls of yarn in a light weight, something you would use for socks or lace. The colours are a rust red, tan, brown, slate, plum, green, and crushed curry.

 Step 1: Visit the Doctor Who Scarf Website

This site is extremely helpful. It has detailed patterns, notes about all of the different versions of the Fourth Doctor's scarf, advice about choosing yarn, suggestions picking out the right colours, and general tips.

Step 2: Cast On and Knit

I casted on 12 stitches.

I followed the pattern, but halved the amount of rows. If it called for 20 rows I knit 10.

 Step 3: Keep Knitting

Step 4: Finishing Touches
Cast off, add tassels, and deal with all the transition tails. I am not actually there yet. I have a few more rows to know. When I am done, I don't plan on blocking; it is for the Christmas tree and no one will be wearing it.

Step: Decorate Your Tree

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Janey said...

Well done - you are speedy!
After the tree comes down, you WILL be wearing it, right?
Because that is probably about the time when you will need it.
(a tardis - to shelter from the snowstorms.)


Janey said...

Clicked on publish too quickly.
Should have said:
"To get TO a tardis - to shelter from the snow... ."