Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Simple Woman Daybook 147

FOR TODAY: December 10, 2014
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Outside my much rain. I thought it was December. This is my struggle with winter/snow the past few years. I want a white December and snow in January and February means winter fun like skiing and sledding can happen. After that I want it gone. It seems that we have snow arrive later each year and it doesn't leave till the middle of April! Which leads to "April Showers" happening in May...and then a later summer till I am back in December longing for snow and getting more rain.

I am thinking about...a part from the pointless rant above about snow, lunch, Doctor Who, board games, and youth group.

I am thankful for...people.

In the kitchen...nothing worth talking about.

I am of my favourite outfits: black shoes, jeans, maroon plaid top under a grey sweater/cardigan, with a maroon scarf.

The picture was taken in September by Emma Poliquin

I am creating...knit garland. I'll have pictures and a tutorial in a few weeks.

I am enjoy my week.

I am wondering...about my love of Sci-Fi. I have no trouble being a geek; I dealt with that a long time ago. It is the subject and content, or maybe the source I am thinking about. Someone recently asked me how I reconcile my love for sci-fi with my faith. The authors and creators of many of my favourite stories and worlds are Atheists. Many of those, if not the majority, in my favourite fandoms are non-religious and/or Atheists. They wanted to know if I had any problems with that.

I didn't really have an answer and I still don't. It is not that I haven't considered the themes of what I watch and read. I have, There was something in the tone of the question. I don't want to just dismiss the concern. So I've been pondering. I wondered if the original question was right question, or if there might be a better question. The whole topic got my head spinning in a few different directions only it is December and there are other themes that are currently more important. Hopefully I don't forget this subject.

I am reading...Incontinent on the Continent

I am fall asleep before 2 am at least once this week.

I am looking forward much this month. Most immediately is Fezzwig (a local, annual, Christmas play), my church's annual Christmas banquet, and card party-workshop -all happening this weekend and the youth group Christmas .

I am learning...about myself -mostly personality types things

I am audio version of the Gospel of Mark.

Around the house...debating decorating or not. So far not decorating is winning.

One of my favorite things...Doctor Who

A few plans for the rest of the week:...tonight is either games or Life Group, tomorrow is youth group, Friday is the girls' club's annual Christmas Craft night. Saturday will be very full with play practice, Fezzwig, and the church banquet. Sunday will be church and the card workshop party. Monday is going to be a restful day and I haven't makes plans beyond that :)

A Picture To Share:...New Board Game

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