Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ten Doctor Who Cosplay Ideas

Happy Sunday! Just four sleeps till Christmas!

This morning at church, the four-year-old I mentioned last Sunday brought his mini sonic screwdriver. We had another great conversation about the Doctor. Him mom told me that he had been going around telling people:
"The Doctor isn't human; he's a Time Lord and an adiot."
Mom: "honey, you mean alien."
Four: "Yes, right alien. The Doctor is a Time Lord and and alien."

On with today's fan-themed countdown. If you are in doubt, I am a geek. A big geek with a small obsession with Doctor who (that is bigger on the inside). I also love costumes and any excuse to dress up. When those to things combined (I am Captain Planet? -hee hee hee), you get "cosplay." Cosplay is a Japanese-Englishfied shortened word of costume and play. Fans make costumes of their favourite characters an wear them to conventions, special events, or for parody videos. My good friend Jamie and I were discussing ideas for next year's Hal-Con. Our list got me thinking, what are ten Doctor Who cosplay ideas I would to do? And here they are:

1) Madame Vastra with Jenny 
Madame Vastra is my dream costume. She is the Silurian (lizard woman). I know it is not impossible but impractical at this point in time. There is so much that would go into making this work beyond my skill or resources. I have even found a company that sells an appliance to make the Silurian cowl. There would still be a lot of work to make this costume. Upside, I have a friend who would go as Jenny. It would be nice to also have a Stax and the 11th Doctor and/or Clara optional additions.
2) Lady TARDIS
Episode: The Doctor's Wife
There was an amazing Lady TARDIS at my first Hal-Con. It was beautiful and she carried at TARDIS as a nice tie for those that didn't get the connection.

3) River Song, Amy + Rory and the 11th Doctor in a Fez
Only this isn't the outfits I would use. I would want to be this River:
With Roman Rory, maybe Policewoman Amy, and the Doctor in a Fex

4) Weeping Angel
Episode: Blink, Flesh and Stone, Angels in Manhatten

5) Member of the Sibylline Sisterhood
Episode: The Fires of Pompeii
I think this would be fun and very doable. Plus you could add in a 10th Doctor and Donna in purple.

6)Family of Blood with scarecrows  
Episode: Human Nature and Family of Blood
This would be so much fun. It would really only need "Brother of Mine" if you had a girl to play "Sister of Mine" as long as there were scarecrows.

7) "Are You My Mummy?" kid, Captain Jack, Rose, and the 9th Doctor
Episode: The Empty Child and The Empty Child
Are you my mummy? 

8) Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter)
Episode: The Doctor's Daughter

9) Romana and the 4th Doctor
The nice thing about Ramana is that she has so many possible outfits and Four's scarf is always fun and easily identifiable. 

10) Jabe (Tree Lady) and 9th Doctor
Episode: The End of the World
This would be fun but I think more challenging than Madame probably never going to happen.

So those are a ten of the characters I would like to go as someday. If any nearby friends want to coordinate and plan future group cosplay we could have so much fun!
 And by request, for today's video a fun fan parody:

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