Friday, December 12, 2014

Ten Reasons I Love The 10th Doctor

Happy Friday! Welcome to day thirteen of the Whovian countdown. Today's post is all about the Tenth Doctor played by David Tennet.

The Tenth Doctor is extremely popular. For many new fans he is their first Doctor. On most lists I've seen ordering the Doctor's popularity Ten has been at the top or near. The only Doctor who comes as close is Tom Baker's 4th Doctor (the one with the really long scarf).

David Tenet's run as the Doctor began with the 2005 Christmas special "Christmas Invasion." He had three full season, four Christmas specials, and three extra stand alone episodes (I am counting The End of Tome together). With all that going for him it seems fans struggle to articulate why he is their favourite. I read one "top ten" about why Ten is the best that listed David Tennet for every other reason. I am sure that they were going to silly/obvious but all I could think was "you don't really understand  what a top ten list is, do you?"

I 've been thoroughly enjoying rewatching Ten's adventures. He has some of my favourite epsidoes (they all have someone my favourite episodes). I still don't have a favourite Doctor but I love Ten. I will attempt to share a few of my reasons... and not just repeat. Here goes...

The Tenth Doctor was brilliant and here are ten reasons why I love him:

1. David Tennet
Tennet is the Doctor. The charm and wonder of Ten is because of how Tennet chose to play him. His facial expressions, reactions, tone. Much of what I love about Ten is because David Tennet was chosen to play him. Well done casting department.

2. Allons-y
Each of the new Doctor's have catch phrases and this trademark of Ten is great. I also love how he says after saying it the first time he would love to say "Allonsy Alonso!" And then they let him say it in the third Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned."

Allons-y Alonso

3. Well...
Ten does this thing where he makes a statement then amends it with "well..." and often had to reammend it with another "well..." To explain it, it is nothing, but to hear it -it feels very Doctor and always makes me smile.

4. Rude and Not Ginger
Transitioning to a new Doctor after regeneration is never easy. It is not easy on the Doctor (character), his companions, or the fans who aren't sure if they will ever like the new guy. I love this scene which for me was a recognition that regenerations are difficult and you never know what you are going to get:

5. Timey-Whimey
The speech in Blink about how time travel works has become a classic Whovian icon. It's even on T-Shirts

6. Christmas Specials
I am sure the credit should go to some producer or BBC exec, but it was Ten who starred in the first (new) Christmas special and because of how well they did they've become Whovian tradition.

7. John Smith
It was interesting to see what sort of man the Doctor would be if he was 100% human (Human Nature and Family of Blood). In many ways not that different from the Doctor. He was flawed but good and brave.

8. Sometimes the Doctor scares me
This might not seem like a reason to love him, but it is because it gives depth to the Doctor. There are times Doctor's actions, choices, words are not what I want. He gets dark. He is a ancient Time Lord who isn't perfect. He scares me with some of his decisions, and on occasion disappointed me. He doesn't act how I want the Doctor to act. I think he's better for it overall as a character and a story because he is still unexpected.

Now to be honest, sometimes it really bugs, in those moments I blame the writers.

9. His Compassion
Ten is compassionate to all (almost all, not so much the Daleks). He gives his enemies choices, to helps when he sees things going wrong even though he could just fly away, and when he can't do anything he says sorry, so sorry. It is sweet and almost over done but it is a reason I love him.

10. Brilliant
I love how excited he gets about any thing he deems...

There you have it. Ten reasons to love ten. Do you have any to add? Do you disagree? Leave a comment. Next Friday it will "Eleven Reasons I Love Eleven" and if you missed last Friday's here are "Nine Reasons I Love Nine."

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