Saturday, December 13, 2014

TARDIS Themed Gift Ideas for a Whovian

Happy Saturday! I've had a fantastic day. This  morning we had a great Christmas practice. It is a space-time travel story of the Christmas story "In A Galilee Far, Far Away". With the help of a friend we added some great geeky Sci-Fi references and jokes. I still giggle every time the kids say "Wibbly wobbly timey wimy."

Then this afternoon I saw a great pantomime of A Christmas Carol -Scrooge: Back to the Future, that same friend was in. It also had some great Doctor Who and other geeky references. It was so much fun. I loved all the music.

On to the countdown. This is the second post of gift ideas for all the Whovians in your life. Last Saturday it was Handmade Gift Ideas. Today is all TARDIS gift ideas. There are hundreds of normal home items that have been turned into the TARDIS to attract Whovians. If you can image decorative feature or everyday tool from a lunchbox to a lamp I am sure there is a TARDIS version somewhere. Almost all the online stores sell the same variety of TARDIS wears, most of my links are Think Geek because it was the easiest to work with. I am only going to share a few of my favourites that are on my personal wish list.

1. TARDIS Play Tent
Found this awesome play tent on Think Geek.
It is bigger on the inside 
Inside the Tardis
2. Doctor Who: TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar | Doctor Who Shop

3. TARDIS Tea Infuser
Found on Think Geek

Which would go very nicely with the TARDIS mug friends gave me a few years ago:

4. And this TARDIS Tea Pot
From Think Geek

5. And I just discovered TARDIS sugar bowl and Dalek creamer
Tardis vs. Dalek Cream & Sugar Set | Doctor Who Shop

Which would go well with my TARDIS vs Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers

6. TARDIS lights
Also found on Think Geek

7. Redecorating the bathroom with

And of course you would need to keep it organized

8. USB Drive

9. Jewellery
Something like this from Think Geek:

10. And a pillow
Also from Think Geek

There will be more gift ideas next Saturday.
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