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Top Ten Monsters and A Mini Episode

Welcome to day four of "A Whovian' Christmas Special Countdown." Yesterday I said I was going to share my thoughts on my re-watch of Doctor Who. I've changed my mind. I have something planned for Fridays that overlaps too much with any thoughts my reviews would have.

My new plan for my Whovian Countdown is Top Ten Thursdays plus a mini episode. I love the mini episodes that the BBC has and some are hard to find. Most of them I've discovered after the companion episode aired. They are still fun and worth watching.

Today's Top Ten is Monsters. Specifically monsters/aliens that scare me. All pictures are from the Doctor Who site Monsters and Aliens unless otherwise stated. Here we go:

10. Cybermen

 I found image here.

The robots always creep me out. I think it is the marching. I love how the new series brought them back in Age of Steel. I think they are always used well. I especially liked 12's encounter with the cybermen in Dark Water.

9. Demon (The Beast)

I watched this two part story today (The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit). I was originally going to say the Ood were scary but the real fear factor was "The Beast" in human form. The CG beast  not scary, the creepy man with red eyes -scary!

8. Gelth

I had forgotten about the Gelth till I rewatched the first season. If I could forget them they might not deserve to be at number seven. What earned them this place was the fears ghosts stories give us and how after earning the Doctor's sympathy and help how quickly they turned evil.

7. The Flood

Water that kills you; that is spine tingly fear inducing evil monster. The Flood is from The Waters of Mars. I have only seen once because it was one of my least favourite stories. However, I still remember how scary death by water was.

6. Clockwork Droid and Dolls
These are two different baddies from two different episodes but why they are creepy is the same. The writers have taken two innocent enough things and made them the stuff of nightmares.

5. The Great Intelligence
All the interactions with The Great Intelligence are creepy. Snowman that eat you =creepy. A hollow back of the head =creepy. The Whisper =double creepy.

4. The Family of Blood and Their Scarecrows
Image found here
Image found here

This two part story was scary. The family was evil and creepy but their army of evil scarecrows was the worst. I look forward to watching it next week. So glad I have friends who will watch Doctor Who with me.
 3. Zygons
They don't seem like much, and if your first experience with the Zygons was the 50th Anniversary Special I can understand if you question their placement on the list. I remember watching Doctor Who with my dad as a very little girl and these were the scariest monsters. I would tremble and cover my eyes when they were on the screen. And if it was a particularly tense moment I would got to the kitchen for a glass of water. The Zygons were my greatest fear in the Doctor Who world until the next two monsters were introduced. They are scawwwy!!!

2. The Silence

I don't remember what I was going to say.

1. The Weeping Angels
Don't Blink

Blink one of my top favourite episodes (top episodes is an upcoming list) and the Weeping Angels will always be my top scariest monster. Blink has forever caused me to fear statues especially those of angels.

Sadly, the later uses of the Weeping Angels re-wrote some of the rules about how they moved and acted. Having the camera no longer act as a set of eyes watching the angels allowed us to see them move and that destroyed much of the angels ability to produce fear in me. However fear is not all gone; the baby cherubs in The Angels Take Manhattan are scary even if the Statue of Liberty was not.

Do you agree with my list? What monsters would you add or change? Leave a comment below :)

I've been watching series two this week, David Tennet's first season as the Doctor so this seem liked the perfect mini episode:

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Episodes Watched Today: The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit, and Love and Monsters.

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Patrick said...

I like your list! I also think the shadowy eat-you-up things from the Library episode were pretty scary.