Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Whovian Wear: #15-11 Of My Favourite Doctor Who Clothes

Welcome to the Whovian Christmas Special Countdown. This is second look at my favourite Whovian Wear. Last Wednesday I shared the first five Doctor Who themed clothing items, mostly T-shirts, that I enjoy. Today the list continues:

#15 Stormageddon Onesie 
There are a few different version on Etsy. You could have this one for $18.81 CAD. If I ever have a little one they shall wear one of these:

Stormageddon - Dark Lord of All - gender neutral infant bodysuit - Dr. Who

#14 The Silence Tally Mark
This is found on Amazon.

Doctor Who Silence Tally Mark Silence T-shirt (L, Navy)

#13 TARDIS Adult Onesie
From Think Geek. I am not actually sure about this one. It seems awesome. I've heard that full pajamas are all the rage but I don't think I would enjoy my feet covered while sleeping.

#12 Shaker + Plunger + Whisk = Exterminate

Hee...Hee...Hee. Found on Redbubble
Shaker + Plunger + Whisk = EXTERMINATE! by Bamboota

#11 Doctor Selfie
I like this best on slate. Found at TeeFury.
Doctor Selfie

Return next Wednesday for the next five Whovian Wear Favourites.

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