Saturday, December 20, 2014

Great Gifts for a Whovian

Happy Saturday! Today was the last Saturday shopping before the big day; only five sleeps till Christmas.

Sadly, I have a new item on my Christmas wish list.  Last night the power cable for my tablet died. I got it last December; but it is already "old" none of the stores I visited today had a replacement. I won't be watching much Doctor Who without a new cord :(

Beyond a new power cord, here are six gift ideas that would delight any Whovian:

1. Something Sonic
The Doctor's sonic screwdriver is iconic. You can find the 10th Doctor's and 11th Doctor's screwdriver on Think Geek but they have other sonic screwdrivers from a universal remote to a vegetable peeler.  There is cutlery:

And even River Songs sonic screwdriver:
You could even build your own:

2. Plush Adipose or K-9
 product image

3. Cookie Cutters
4. River Songs journal
5. Complete collection
There isn't one full one stop shop for every Doctor Who episode but you can buy collections in chunks. While compiling this list discovered UK Classic Movie Store, with complete (or in some cases all the remaining/existing episodes) sets of each of the Doctors:
1st Doctor -William Hartnell
2nd Doctor -Patrick Troughton
3rd Doctor -Jon Pertwee
4th Doctor -Tom Baker
5th Doctor -Peter Davison
6th Doctor -Colin Baker
7th Doctor -Sylvester McCoy

8th Doctor -The Movie

And then Doctors 9-11 Series 1-7

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