Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Whovian's Wear -My Favourite Who T-Shirts #5-1

Merry Christmas Eve! I am so excited Christmas is almost here. Welcome to the last Whovian Wear Wednesday. For the past few weeks I've been counting down my favourite Doctor Who t-shirts and clothes items. If you want to see the earlier posts: 20-1615-11, and 10-6. Here are my top five favourites:

#5 The Doctor Vs. The Universe
The Doctor vs. The Universe

#4 Any of These Disney Who Crosses by Karen Hillon
The Mulan-Tardis I found on Karen Hillon's Etsy page
 Cannot hide Who I am Inside Small Print (Item 03-007-AA)

#3 Whoville

#2 The Minions Have the Police Box

#1 Small Obsession
Doctor Who Obsession | Long Sleeve Tee | Front

The BBC Countdown to Christmas Advent: Discover Day 1's gift here
Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 1 sleeps
Countdown Till Sister Hugs and Family Visit: 1 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian sees the Christmas Special: 2 sleeps
Tomorrow's Countdown Post: Top Ten Merriest Moments
Yesterday's Countdown Post: Tuesday Tutorial: Doctor Who Marble Magnets
Episodes Watched Today: None -to much Christmas things happening

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